Over time your perfect piece may tarnish due to natural oils/chemicals (don’t worry as this is perfectly normal). With these simple tips on how to maintain and clean your jewelry, you can help your piece retain its shine and vibrance.


Everyday Maintenance

Using a soft cloth, gently wipe your jewelry after each wear.  This will help remove makeup and oils that can transfer from your skin to you jewelry.  During warmer seasons or days you have been sweaty, we highly recommend giving it a rinse using lukewarm water and then gently drying it with a soft cloth.  This also helps to remove extra product such as sunscreens, perfumes etc.

Tip: Storing your jewelry in a box or container while you sleep will help reduce its exposure to air, natural skin oils or chemicals therefore increasing its longevity.


Deep Cleaning

At times your piece may be exposed to harsh chemicals or products as well as other agents such as sweat, skin creams, hairspray etc.  If this happens, we recommend to give it a deep clean ASAP.  

  1. Lightly dilute a bowl of warm water with a gentle soap.
  2. Using a soft toothbrush, gently scrub your jewelry ensuring you get into the small gaps where dirt can build up.
  3. Rinse under lukewarm water a few times (or until there is no soap residue left).
  4. Dry thoroughly using a soft cloth.

Tip: For extra shine clean your jewelry every so often using a jewelry polishing cloth.


Taking Extra Care:

Although your piece can be cleaned to help maintain its vibrancy, extra care should be taken to avoid scratching or further tarnishing of your delicate jewelry.

  1. Plated pieces – Can be soaked but extra care must be taken when drying your plated piece. Avoid using rags or brushes to dry and instead gently rub using your fingers.
  2. Charms/Pendants – With any charm or pendant we recommend using a very soft cloth or jewelry polishing cloth as brushes (regardless how soft) may leave scratches.